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Whether you want to sell your home or increase the amount of rent you get from it, increasing its value is very important. Knowing and mastering the different ways to increase the value of your home is the first step to ensuring you get top notch results. Below are some of the best ways to use.

Top Five Different Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

jnxskjnckjs1. Spruce Up Your Kitchen

As the going goes, the kitchen is king. In fact, statistics indicate that over 53 percent of reliable real estate professionals state that to get the best sell for your house, the kitchen must be in excellent shape. Ensure you make the kitchen fully functional by fixing all leaking faucets, correcting all loose light fixtures and removing any burn marks on your countertop. After this, you can now update your cabinet hardware, buy new curtains and paint the walls to give your house a fresh and clean look. Ensure that the floors and countertops are DIY-friendly and all the kitchen appliances have a stainless steel finish. Make all adjustments to ensure that the place forms a nice flowing workplace for any user.

2. Freshen Up the Bathroom and Toilet

Ensuring that these areas are aesthetically appealing and functional will work wonders. To brighten the place and make it more appealing, you can re-grout your tile floor, caulk your tub, and replace everything with a handle. Use new toiletries to make it water-efficient. Also, update the mirror and lighting to improve the sensory experience. Adding wallpaper will make it unique and trendy. Buying completely new items is not the only way. You can also repair chips in your sink or bathtub and clean out the exhaust fan to make them look like new.

3. Enhancing The Exterior

Basic maintenance tips like trimming overgrown shrubs, adding new mulch to gardens, mowing the lawn, and improving yard lighting are the first steps to take. You can use a landscaper or do it yourself to ensure that your yard is inviting. Good houses need good power washing. You can then follow it up with necessary paint touch-ups. A roof is a very significant part of the house that needs to be improved. Choose standard three-tab asphalt shingles when you are replacing your roof. Also, ensuring that the roof warranty is transferable to the next owner will greatly increase its value. Ensure you repair any cracks or damages on your external wall and repaint it.

4. Update Your Plumbing System

Irrespective of how complex the system is, you must ensure that it’s completely functional. This is a very sensitive area, and if not addressed, all other efforts may be useless after a short time. Replace rusty iron pipes and re-pipe with basically plastic tubing. This reduces the mess and holes during replacement.

5. Improve On the Interior

You can paint all the rooms or make selective painting depending on how affected they are. Replacing your HVAC, adding attic insulation, installing a real or engineered wood floor, renovating the basement, upgrading your windows and doors to make them environment-friendly, and improving the lighting fixtures will increase your home value.

Finally, apart from the above, different ways to increase the value of your home, you need to carry out a general cleaning and organizing of the house to make it appealing.

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